Minecraft Xbox 360 edition, is truly a wonderous game that leaves everlasting memories of hardwork, scars of a Creeper’s explosion disasters, and without the will to abandon your never-ending tale of triumph. Create in Creative Mode or explore in my personal favorite, Survival Mode. In creative mode, you have the ability to fly around and create beautiful masterpieces and creations such as, games, with an unlimited stash of resources of everything Minecraft has to offer. On the other hand you have the choice of survival mode. In survival mode, its tougher with deadly creepers, spiders, and zombies breathing down the back of your neck but its worth it to fight off the same horde and survive a night in your own not-so-well-built home. Well Minecraft all in all is a great game and though it lacks a story it makes up with you being able to create your own through your adventure. I highly recommend checking this game out. And if you want it for free check out the link —> Here

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BattleField 4

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Uncategorized


Now, this is about BattleField 4 for you BattleField fans. This game, if you saw the footage, is super cool! What I know about it is stealth, and close combat gameplay. I think what will be different from BattleField 3 is more weapons, more amazing maps,  even more stunning graphics to go with the Playstation and Xbox francise and as always an amazing storyline, which some people say its like a James Bond Movie. I think BatteField 4 will be a really good game in which all true battlefield fans will see as a must have.  When it comes out get it for free at the banner below! This topic is will be updated as more information is released but until then.  Have a nice day!

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